Employee Policies


Employment at Will

Mission Statement

Workplace environment

Welcome Statement: Notice of Nondiscrimination

Respectful Dialogue

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

ADA and Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Sexual and Relationship Misconduct Policy

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Consensual Relations Policy

Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, Anti-Retaliation Policy

Violence in the Workplace

Children in the Workplace

Smoking, Vaping, and Tobacco Use

Confidential Information Policy

Recording Policy

Acceptable Use of Information Technology

Responsibilities Regarding Student Information

Intellectual Property Statement

Employment Verification

Employment of Relatives


Protection of Minors and Dependent Adults

I. Purpose and Consequences of Non-Compliance

II. Definitions

III. Reporting Requirements

IV. Policies for College-Sponsored Youth Programs

V. Third Parties Sponsoring Events at Central College Facilities

VI. Policies Applicable to Minors on Campus While Not Participating in a College-Related Activity

VII. Policies Applicable to Prospective Students

VIII. Policies Applicable to Enrolled Students

Employment Policies and Procedures

Employment Background Investigations

Employment Eligibility Documents

Employment Records

Weather and Emergency Communication

On-Call and Call-in Pay for Non-exempt Employees

Volunteer Policy

Compensation for Travel Time for Non-Exempt Employees

Sexual and Relationship Misconduct Policy

Sexual and Relationship Misconduct Policy

I. Introduction/Statement of Policy

II. A. Prohibited Conduct: Sexual Misconduct

II. B. Prohibited Conduct: Relationship Misconduct

II.C. Prohibited Conduct: Other Activities in Violation of Policy

II. D. Prohibited Conduct: Definition of Common Terms

III. Steps to Take Immediately Following Sexual or Relationship Misconduct

IV. A. Reporting a Violation of this Policy: Confidential Resources

IV. B. Reporting a Violation of this Policy: Official Reporting Options

IV. C. Anonymous Reporting Options

IV. D. Federal Statistical Reporting Obligations

IV. E. Federal Timely Warning Reporting Obligations

IV. F. Law Enforcement

V. What to Expect After an Official Report is Made

VI. A-E. Investigation/Determination Processes

VI. F. Appeal Process

VI. G. Notice of Decision

VI. H. Time Frame

VI. I. Sanctions for Sexual and/or Relationship Misconduct

Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, Anti-retaliation Policy

Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, Anti-Retaliation Policy

I. Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, Anti-Retaliation Policy Statement

II. Application of Policy

III. A. Description of Prohibited Conduct: Discrimination

III.B. Description of Prohibited Conduct: Harassment

Sex-based Harassment

Other Harassment

III. C. Description of Prohibited Conduct: Retaliation

IV. Reporting a Violation of this Policy

V. A-E. Investigation/Determination Processes

V. F. Appeal Process

V. G. Notice of Decision

V. H. Time Frame

V. I. Sanctions for Harassment, Discrimination and/or Retaliation

Group insurance and benefits

Eligibility for Benefits

Health Care Plan

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Global Travel Assistance

Voluntary Insurance Program

Tuition Benefits

Flexible Care Spending Account

Retirement Plan and Supplemental Retirement Plan


Worker's Compensation--Accident or Injury Reporting

General Leave Policies

Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)

Sick/Medical Leave

Short Term Disability

Returning to Work After An Illness

Personal Leave

Adoption Leave

Bereavement Leave

Military Leave / Re-employment

Vacation Leave Benefit

Time Off to Vote

Jury Duty

Information Technology Policies

Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

Acceptable Use of Information Technology

Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Computer Lab Usage Policy

Technology Resource Access Policy

Software Policy

Signing Authority

Signing Authority


Personal Property

Use of Personal Vehicle and College Vehicle

Employment Information

Categories of Employees

Recording Work Time

Office Hours/Work Schedules

Attendance and Punctuality

Compensation (Wage and Salary) Administration

Salary Basis Policy (Safe Harbor Policy)

Payroll Procedures

Veteran's Day

Community Volunteer Time

Overtime Pay

Holiday Pay

Compensation for Additional Employment

On-Call and Call-in Pay

Compensation for Training (non-Exempt Employees)

Job Descriptions and Performance Appraisals

Job Classification Administration

Job Descriptions

Performance Appraisals

Transfers and Promotions

Posting of Available Positions

Promotions and Lateral Transfers

Leaving Employment

Exit Interviews


Conduct and Ethics


Supplemental Employment Outside the College and Additional Duties

Dress Code

Conflicts with the Law

Conflicts with State and Federal Laws

Resources for Employees

Dining Facilities Usage

Notary Public Services

Campus and Community Resources

On Campus Events

Spirit Shoppe Discount

College Post Office


Recreational Facility Usage