College Policies

Faculty Policies

College Information

Mission Statement

Faculty Governance and Management

General Statement

Faculty Governance

Faculty Constitution

Membership of the Faculty

Functions and Rights of the Faculty

Organization and Business of the Faculty

Amendment of the Constitution and Bylaws

Faculty Bylaws

4.1 Employment Procedures for Tenure-Line Faculty

4.1.1 Initial Appointment, Contract and Terms of Service.

4.1.2 Evaluation, Promotion, and Tenure

4.1.3 Appeal Procedures Concerning Evaluation

4.1.4 Appeal Procedures Concerning Review

4.2 Employment Procedures for Non-Tenure-Line Appointments

4.3 Termination and Serious Sanctions of Tenure-line Faculty

4.3. A. Financial Exigency

4.3. B. Medical Reasons

4.3. C. 1 and 2 Adequate Cause Definition of and Serious Sanctions

4.C.3 Adequate Cause EXCEPT harassment, discrimination, retaliation, sexual misconduct, and relationship misconduct

4.C.4 Adequate Cause related to harassment, discrimination, retaliation, sexual misconduct, and relationship misconduct

4.3.D (no public announcements and presidential responsibility to community)

4.3.E (Service on committees and role of the president)

4.4 Faculty Organization

4.4.1 Department Chairs

4.4.2 Directors of Interdisciplinary Majors

4.5 Faculty Meetings

4.6 Faculty Governance Committees

4.6.1 Membership

4.6.2 Election of Members

4.6.3 Organization and Procedure

4.6.4 The Governance Committees of the Faculty

Faculty Management

The Work of the Faculty

5.1 Management Committees

5.1.1 Membership

5.1.2 Election of Members

5.1.3 Organization and Procedure

5.1.4 The Management Committees of the Faculty Faculty Development Committee Core Committee Assessment Committee International Programs Committee

5.2 Faculty Directors

5.3 Advisory councils


I. Evaluation and Review Procedures

A. Candidate Files and Portfolios

B. Procedures for Untenured, Tenure-Line Faculty

1. Faculty without Credit toward Tenure from Previous Institutions: YEAR 2

1. Faculty without Credit toward Tenure from Previous Institutions: YEAR 4

1. Faculty without Credit toward Tenure from Previous Institutions: YEAR 6

2. Faculty with Credit toward Tenure Granted at Time of Initial Appointment

3. Extension of the Tenure Probationary Period for Faculty

C. Post-Tenure Review and Evaluation Procedures: Five-Year Post-Tenure Review

C. Post-Tenure Review and Evaluation Procedures:Evaluation by the Faculty Personnel Committee Initiated by Department Chair or VPAA/Dean of the Faculty (or Designate)

D. Procedures for Promotion to Professor

E. Procedures for Non-Tenure-Line Appointments

F. Review procedures for recommendation for Emeritus Faculty

II. Evaluation Criteria: A. Performance Criteria

II. Evaluation Criteria: B. Criteria for Promotion to Professor


Summary of leaves and related information

Sabbatical Leave

Maternity Leave for Faculty

Family and Medical Leave Policy

Sick/ Medical Leave

Short Term Disability

Adoption Leave

Returning to Work after an Illness

Personal Leave

Bereavement Leave

Military Leave

Time Off to Vote

Jury Duty

General Information

The Institutional Approach to the Professional Work Load

The Teaching Load

Employment outside of Central

The Summer Session

Meeting Classes

Class Regulations

The Class Schedule

Office Hours

Faculty Absences


Baccalaureate, Commencement, Convocations

Advising Students

Students with Disabilities

Academic Alert

Student Grade Appeal Process

Student Absences

Goals for Faculty

External Resources

AAUP: Statement of Principles of Academic Freedom and Tenure

AAUP: Statement of Professional Ethics

AAUP: Statement of Freedom of Expression and Campus Speech Codes