IV. A. Reporting a Violation of this Policy: Confidential Resources

IV. A. Reporting a Violation of this Policy: Confidential Resources

Incidents of Sexual and Relationship Misconduct are notoriously underreported on college campuses, often because the complainant does not recognize their experience as a criminal offense and/or a college policy violation or due to their lack of knowledge of and/or discomfort with campus and community resources. By seeking assistance and reporting conduct covered by this Policy, you can begin your own healing process and promote the standards of community and respect that are a part of Central College.  The College encourages survivors of Sexual and Relationship Misconduct to talk to somebody about what happened – so survivors can get the support they need, and so the College can respond appropriately.

A.Confidential Resources

If  survivors of sexual or relationship misconduct desire that details of an incident be kept confidential, they should speak with a victim counselor or campus chaplain. These resources will maintain confidentiality unless there is present or future, clear and imminent threat to the client or others or when legal requirements demand that confidential information is revealed, e.g. court ordered testimony. In any situation where confidential information must be revealed, it will be done with client informed consent whenever possible. Campus counselors are available to help survivors free of charge and can be seen on an emergency basis. Off-campus victim counselors and rape crisis resources are also confidential resources. On and off-campus, emergency assistance is also available as listed below:

On Campus Contact person Phone #
Counseling Services  Michelle Kellar
George Clark 
Chaplain Joel Brummel 641-628-7648


Agency Contact person Phone #
Marion County Mental Health Centers:
Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services  
Cal Meuzelaar     641-628-9599
Crossroads  Jim Hibma 641-628-1212
Capstone - Newton   641-792-4012
Capstone – Knoxville   641-842-4925
Crisis Intervention Services (Crisis Line)   1-800-270-1620 or 641-673-5499

It must be noted that sharing an incident only with a confidential resource does not constitute making an official report. The College is not able to investigate or follow up unless or until the incident is reported to the Title IX Coordinator or a responsible employee, or when law enforcement informs the College about a report.