VI. G. Notice of Decision

VI. G. Notice of Decision

1.  Any Notice of Decision referenced in this section shall mean a written notice of the outcome of the complaint (i.e., whether a Preponderance of the Evidence supports a finding that this Policy was violated), and a rationale for that decision. 

2. The Notice of Decision will identify the Individual(s)/Body issuing the decision and whether an appeal is available (and if so, how to request such an appeal).

3.  If the Notice of Decision indicates that a Policy violation occurred, the Notice of Decision will identify the specific policy violation(s) and any sanction/remedial efforts. The Notice of Decision to the complainant should specifically include:

(a) any individual remedies for the complainant;

(b) in non-violence cases, notice of any sanctions imposed on the respondent that directly related to the complainant;

Sanctions that directly relate to the complainant include, but are not limited to, requiring that the respondent stay away from the complainant for some period, prohibiting the respondent from attending school or working at the school for some period; or transferring the respondent to another residence hall, classes, school, or job.

(c)  in violence cases, notice of all sanctions imposed on the respondent; and

(d)  steps being taken to eliminate the misconduct and prevent recurrence.

4.  Both parties will be provided the Notice of Decision by the Title IX Coordinator concurrently, if possible.

5.  If the alleged victim is deceased as a result of the crime or offense, the College will provide access to the Notice of Decision to the next of kin, if so requested.