I. Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, Anti-Retaliation Policy Statement

I. Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, Anti-Retaliation Policy Statement

This Policy and the Investigation/Determination Processes are intended to fully comply with Title VII, Title IX and any related federal guidance, and will be interpreted and applied by the College accordingly. As such, they are in lieu of and supersede any contrary policy/process/provision contained in Central’s Student or Employee Policy documents (Applicable Faculty Bylaws provisions will continue to apply to the extent they are consistent with applicable law). Updated June 24, 2015.

I. Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment,  Anti-Retaliation Policy Statement

It is the policy of the College to ensure equal employment and educational opportunity without discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, citizenship status, sexual orientation, gender identity, mental or physical disability, genetic information, marital status, pregnancy, military or veteran status or any characteristic protected by law. Discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation, as defined by this policy are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. In addition, discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation of or against an individual because of an association with someone with an aforementioned protected characteristic is also prohibited.  

PLEASE NOTE: Central College has adopted a Sexual and Relationship Misconduct Policy that is separate from this anti-harrassment, anti-discrimination, anti-retaliation policy.

The Sexual and Relationship Misconduct Policy prohibits:

Central College does not tolerate any of the above conduct in any form (these acts are collectively referred to herein as “Sexual and/or Relationship Misconduct”).

The Sexual and Relationship Misconduct Policy:

Anyone who believes he/she has been subjected to or witnessed Sexual or Relationship Misconduct should report any of these acts to campus officials as set forth in the Sexual and Relationship Misconduct Policy.