Sexual and Relationship Misconduct Policy

Sexual and Relationship Misconduct Policy

When a student or employee reports an incident of dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking, whether the offense occurred on or off campus, the College will provide a printed copy of this policy, which includes the following written notifications:

A list of existing Campus and Community Resources for counseling, emergency/safety/security, health, legal assistance, mental health, student financial aid, Title IX coordinator, victim advocacy, visa and immigration assistance for students and employees is included in the Clery Annual Security Report and can be found at https://www.central.edu/policies/policy/682.

This Policy and the Investigation/Determination Processes are intended to fully comply with Title IX and any related federal guidance, and will be interpreted and applied by the College accordingly.  As such, they are in lieu of and supersede any contrary policy/process/provision contained in Central’s Student or Employee Policy documents. In anticipation of rule changes to Title IX proposed in September 2018 and not yet finalized by the Department of Education, the College reserves the right to modify some aspects of this Policy and the Investigation/Determination Processes.  (Applicable Faculty Bylaws provisions will continue to apply to the extent they are consistent with applicable law).  Updated October 18, 2019. 

I. Introduction/Statement of Policy

II. A. Prohibited Contact: Sexual Misconduct

II. B. Prohibited Contact: Relationship Misconduct

II.C. Prohibited Contact: Other Activities in Violation of Policy

II. D. Prohibited Contact: Definition of Common Terms

III. Steps to Take Immediately Following Sexual or Relationship Misconduct

IV. A. Reporting a Violation of this Policy: Confidential Resources

IV. B. Reporting a Violation of this Policy: Official Reporting Options

IV. C. Anonymous Reporting Options

IV. D. Federal Statistical Reporting Obligations

IV. E. Federal Timely Warning Reporting Obligations

IV. F. Law Enforcement

V. What to Expect After an Official Report is Made

VI. A-E. Investigation/Determination Processes

VI. F. Appeal Process

VI. G. Notice of Decision

VI. H. Time Frame

VI. I. Sanctions for Sexual and/or Relationship Misconduct