Fire Safety

Candles (with or without a wick), hot plate candle/wax warmers, halogen lamps, incense, and any items with open flames or open elements (such as toasters, pizza wheels, toaster ovens) are not allowed.  Extension cords must be surge-protected and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved.  Electric cords may not run under carpets or through doorways.  Personal charcoal or gas grills are not allowed on campus. 

All persons must evacuate the building when a fire alarm sounds.  All persons may face disciplinary action if they fail to: evacuate; cause false alarms; interfere with the proper functioning of a fire alarm system; tamper with or remove fire hoses, extinguishers, smoke or heat detectors, or fire safety apparatus; disable room, pod, or house smoke detectors or alarms; or fail to inform the staff when a smoke detector or alarm is malfunctioning.

Individuals should not be in violation of state, local, or campus fire policies, including: