Auditing a Course

Students may audit courses for no credit with instructor permission and on a space available basis.  Satisfactory audits are recorded on the student’s transcript with a grade of “AUD” but are not used in the calculation of a student’s grade point average.  Unsatisfactory audits are not recorded.  There are only a few circumstances where an audit may be useful. These include:

Instructors determine the criteria needed to receive a satisfactory audit grade (AUD).  Typically, examinations, labs, papers and homework are not required; however, regular attendance and class participation is expected.  Students may not audit directed study, internship, independent study, practicum, co-op, music lessons (private and group), and music ensembles.   Audited courses may not be used to satisfy any graduation requirements (i.e. majors, minors, core, etc.).  Students are not allowed to repeat for letter grade a course they previously audited, and students may not repeat a regular graded course as an audit.

To register for a course as an audit, or to change a course from credit to audit or audit to credit, students must file a Registration Change Form with the registrar’s office during the normal registration or add/drop periods.  The instructor’s signature is required.