Transfer of Credit

All transfer credit must be earned at a regionally accredited college or university with a grade of “C” or better.  A grade of "C-" will not be counted as transfer credit. Work to be considered for transfer credit must be submitted on an official transcript mailed directly to Central College from the transfer institution, sent as an official etranscript from the transfer institution, or delivered in a sealed envelope with the registrar’s signature across the seal.   Students transferring to Central must provide official transcripts for all institutions previously attended.

  1. All official transcripts are evaluated for admitted and matriculated students by the registrar’s office and determination of transfer credit is made by the registrar in consultation with departmental faculty.  Course review may include the evaluation of the course’s specific educational goals, academic content, and the level of credit earned.   Vocational, remedial, continuing education, and military credits are not transferrable.  
  2. Accepted credits may be used to satisfy course prerequisites, Core requirements or, at the discretion of departmental faculty, major and minor requirements.   The registrar determines whether credits fulfill any Core curriculum requirements, in consultation with faculty as needed.  Students may not use transfer credits to fulfill Intersections (LAS 110) or Liberal Arts Seminar (LAS 410) requirements.
  3. A maximum of 60 semester hours of transfer credit (including a maximum of 24 semester hours from AP, IB, PSEO and dual enrollment) may be applied toward completion of a Central College degree.
  4. Grades and credit earned in transfer courses are not included in the calculation of a student’s Central College cumulative or major grade point averages.
  5. Students transferring to Central should consult with the chair of their prospective major/minor to determine the number of Central College courses that will be required to complete the major or minor.
  6. Current Central College students who wish to take a course(s) at another institution and transfer the credit back to Central must submit a Request for Transfer Credit Pre-Approval form to the registrar’s office.  Students may not repeat a Central course at any other college or university.