The college expects students to conduct themselves with integrity, in ways which honor community, exemplify fairness, demonstrate respect and accept responsibility.  The basic approach to maintaining this code of conduct is self-discipline. However, the college considers the behavior described within these broad categories as inappropriate for the Central College community.  Central College community members are encouraged to report to a college authority incidents which involve, but are not limited to, the actions or attempts of the same, described within the webpages of the areas listed below.

Standards of Student Conduct: Rules

This list of rules is supplemented by more extensive policies that follow on subsequent webpages.  These rules apply to all students. Any student found to have committed the misconduct is subject to sanctions. Unacceptable conduct is defined below.


  1. Use, possession, or distribution of alcoholic beverages.  (full drug and alcohol policy) This includes:
  1. Use, possession, or distribution of narcotic, or other controlled substances, as well as drug paraphernalia, except as expressly permitted by law (full drug and alcohol policy)
  2. Assisting in the violation of college policies or public laws;
  3. Violations of federal, state or local laws which affect the interests of the college community, whether on or off-campus;
  4. The knowing failure of any organized group to exercise preventive measures relative to violations of this Student Code of Conduct by members;
  5. Violation of other published college policies or rules;
  6. Intentionally or recklessly causing a fire which damages college or personal property, or which causes injury to any member of the community;
  7. Possession or use of water-balloon launchers; use of water guns or water balloons inside any campus building;
  8. Driving or hitting of golf balls is prohibited on campus except on driving range:
  9. Failure to adhere to guest policy (guest policy);  
  10. Standing, walking or being present on a rooftop, window ledge or porch canopy - to prevent accidental injury or death, students are not permitted to climb onto or otherwise access rooftops, porch canopies, or window ledges of campus buildings (rooftops designed for authorized access, for example the public portion of the Roe Center roof, are excepted);