Musical Theatre

THEA - Theatre course descriptions


Mathew Kelly (chair), Charles Adamson, Kate Kanne, Mary Jo Sodd


Statement of philosophy

The Central College musical theatre program is committed to the development of our students as artist-citizens within the international art form of theatre. The curriculum provides a broad exposure to the theatre arts with majors eventually focusing on either a performance or design/ tech track. Theatre requires considerable collaboration and all students will be encouraged, over the course of their college career, to engage in every aspect of a production. Intellectual and artistic developments are carefully balanced within a production-oriented atmosphere.


Study Abroad Opportunities

Musical theatre students are encouraged to participate in study abroad and/or the Chicago program.  Theatre courses are available in several of the European centers.  Some of these courses apply directly to the major.  Students should consult with the department faulty concerning such courses. Internship opportunities may also available.


Major Communication Skills

Successful acquisition of major communication skills, including oral and written work will be assessed through regular coursework, participation in mainstage and student-driven productions and close consultation with a student’s advisor. Additional coursework in other areas of the college that will support these essential theatrical skills will be encouraged


Musical Theatre Major Requirements (minimum 48 credits)

Note: Students who plan to major or minor in musical theatre will be expected to participate in co-curricular theatre programs every semester except while studying abroad. Education majors desiring a theatre endorsement will have the same expectation.

1.  Complete all of the following:

        THEA    150          Acting (3)
        THEA    161          Intro to Theatrical Design (3)
        THEA    163          Stagecraft (4)
        THEA    240          Ancient to Medieval: Theatre History and Dramatic Literature (3)
        THEA    241          Renaissance to Modernism: Theatre History and Dramatic Literature (3)
        THEA   258           Directing I (4)
        THEA    292          Practicum (1)
        THEA    370          Script Analysis and Dramatic Literature (4)
        THEA    485          Senior Seminar (4)
        THEA    494          Practicum in Theatre (1)


2.  Complete two of the following:

        THEA    165          Stage and Properties Management (3)
        THEA    266          Theatrical Makeup Design (3)
        THEA    221          Voice and Movement (3)


3.  Complete two of the following in either the Acting/ Directing track or Design/ Tech track:       

        Acting/ Directing track:   
THEA    330          Theatre Management (4)         
THEA    350          Classical Acting II (3)
        THEA    358          Directing II (4)


        Design/ Tech track:
THEA    360          Scenic Design (3)
        THEA    364          Lighting Design (3)
        THEA    368          Costume Design and Construction (3)


4.  Complete 6 credits of THEA Electives


Musical Theatre Minor Requirements (20 credits)

Complete a minimum of 20 credits of THEA courses that have been approved by the department. At least 3 credits must be at the 300-400 level.