SPAN - Spanish course descriptions


Linda Laine (chair), Allison Krogstad, Kathy Korcheck, Samuel Mate-Kodjo, Oscar Reynaga


Departmental statement of philosophy 
The Spanish program faculty believes that the ability to communicate (listen, speak, read and write) in another language is fundamental for attaining an understanding of the many cultures that make up the world. For significant intercultural understanding, students must also learn what members of other cultures consider worth talking about: their historical, artistic and literary heritage; their contemporary political, social and economic problems; and their basic customs and values.

 Spanish course offerings are intended to build basic communication skills and insight into important topics in literature and culture. All on-campus courses include laboratory sessions with native-speakers of the target language and are supported by co-curricular activities in the language, including the language house program and social activities. All courses aim to increase language proficiency and cultural awareness as well as to prepare students for an extended, off-campus immersion in a culture where the target language is spoken.

Study abroad opportunities

All Spanish majors (especially those seeking secondary teaching licensure) are expected to spend one semester (preferably, one year) in an approved study abroad program. Before departure, students should review with their advisor those courses offered abroad that can be used to meet major requirements, and file a preliminary plan of study with the advisor. Students must make effective use of their time and experience abroad in order to reach the proficiency levels required of the major. Students seeking a minor in the department are encouraged to study abroad as well and should contact a Spanish professor for more information.


Teaching licensure

Students seeking teaching licensure must secure information from the department of Language, Literature, and Communication and the department of education concerning departmental and state requirements.


Foreign language credit by proficiency

For information on earning credit by proficiency in a foreign language, please see the Credit by Proficiency section of this catalog.


Major Communication Skills

All Spanish majors will successfully complete significant written and oral work in one (or more) 300-400 level course.


Spanish Major Requirements (30-46 credits)

1.  Complete all of the following:
     a.   SPAN 323  Introduction to Hispanic Literature (3)
     b.   A minimum of 3 credits in Hispanic literature (SPAN 332, 342 or class abroad)
     c.   A minimum of 3 credits in civilization or culture (SPAN 343, 344, 350 or class abroad)
     d.   A minimum of 3 credits in another language (French, German, or approved language) at the appropriate level
     e.   A 3 credit 400-level senior seminar course (SPAN-487)
     f.    A minimum of 15 credits of electives (language, literature, culture, or classes taken in the language abroad) at the 300-level or above (321 and 322 apply)
    g.    1 semester of study abroad as approved by the department chair

All courses, except requirement “d,” must be taken in Spanish.

Of the 24 credits taken in Spanish beyond SPAN 323 Introduction to Hispanic Literature, at least 3 must relate specifically to Spain and at least 3 must relate specifically to Latin America.


Spanish Minor Requirements

1.   SPAN 323 Introduction to Hispanic Literature (3) or its equivalent

2.  A total of at least 6 credits at the 300-level or above.