Natural Science

Natural Science


Anya Butt


Statement of philosophy

The natural science major offers the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in several disciplines.  The natural science major is well suited for students who desire a broad background in the natural sciences as a preparation for a variety of career options and graduate or professional school. This major is also particularly appropriate for prospective natural science teachers at the secondary level. 


Major Communication Skills

Natural Science majors are required to successfully complete two of the following courses BIOL 229, CHEM 241, PHYS 331 or GEOG 238.   The program director will confer with the instructor of those courses to seek input on the student’s oral and written communications skills and if necessary advise the student on additional courses to assist in developing better communication skills. 


Major/Minor Restrictions

Students who major in natural science may not minor in the three areas (biology, chemistry or physics) used to fulfill the major requirements. 


Natural Science Major Requirements (54-58 credits)

  1. Complete the following courses:
    MATH 131 Calculus I (4)
    MATH 132 Calculus II (4)
  2. Complete all courses from any three of the four areas below.

    Biology (16 credits
    BIOL 130 Diversity of Life (4)
    BIOL 131 Introduction to Cells (4)
    BIOL 221 Genetics and Evolution (4)
    BIOL 229 Ecology and Evolution (4)

    Chemistry (16 credits)
    CHEM 111 General Chemistry (4)
    CHEM 221 Inorganic Chemistry (4)
    CHEM 231 Organic Chemistry I (4)
    CHEM 241 Analytical Chemistry (4)

    Physics (15 credits)
    PHYS 111 General Physics I (5)
    PHYS 112 General Physics II (5)
    PHYS 225 Modern Physics I (3)
    PHYS 331 Advanced Laboratories (2)

    Geosciences (minimum 15 credits)
    PHYS 106 Introduction to Astronomy (3)
    ENVS 125 Geology and the Environment (3)
    GEOG 237 Physical Geography: Weather and Climate (4)
    GEOG 238 Physical Geography: Geomorphology (4)
    At least one other approved NASC/ENVS/GEOG course

    Note: The following courses are not required but are strongly recommended:
    BIOL 320 Evolution (4)
    CHEM 361 Physical Chemistry I (4)
         or CHEM 351 Biochemistry(4)