Integrated Studies

Integrated Studies

Interdisciplinary Major


Statement of Philosophy:

The integrated studies major is intended for students whose academic interests and goals can be best met outside the structure of any single departmental major and/or minor. It is by nature interdisciplinary, and is integrated around a basic theme or interest that culminates in a capstone thesis or project. An Integrated Studies major can serve as an excellent preparation for a variety of graduate school programs and professional careers.


Study Abroad Opportunities:

Courses taken abroad can be included in an Integrated Studies Major.


Proposal for an Integrated Studies Major: A student wishing to declare an Integrated Studies major must submit a proposal for the major with the support of two supervising faculty members from two different departments. The student is responsible for choosing their academic advisors and regularly collaborating with them throughout the design and approval process. It is recommended that a student pursing an Integrated Studies major have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students who do not meet this GPA threshold should consult with their current advisor or class dean before applying. The proposal must clearly articulate:

  1. The goals, topic, or theme of the proposed Integrated Studies major. The student will formulate a short title for the major’s focus that will appear on the transcript.
  2. How the Integrated Studies major addresses the stated goals, topic, or theme better than a combination of pre-established major(s)/minor(s) and how it helps meet the student’s educational and vocational objectives.
  3. The courses to be taken that will constitute the major.
  4. The intended final capstone thesis or project that will be a culmination of the student’s undergraduate work within the major.


Final approval of the major is received from the Curriculum Committee.  The registrar will forward all major proposals to the Committee on behalf of the student and notify the the student of the Committee's decision.  Any subsequent changes to the students’ proposed courses must be made in writing in advance of the change and are subject to approval of the advising team. The Integrated Studies major should be approved by the end of the sophomore year, and in no case later than the first semester of the junior year. Planning for the capstone project should begin three semesters prior to graduation. Students with an Integrated Studies major may not declare another major. Minors may be declared as long as less than 50 percent of the credits between the Integrated Studies major and proposed minor overlap.


Integrated Studies Major Requirements (45 credits):

Integrated Studies Minor Requirements (minimum of 21 credits):


Examples of Integrated Studies Foci:

Students are strongly encouraged to develop their own individualized interdisciplinary focus. Advisor(s) could be sought from relevant disciplines. The following are some examples of how this might be done: