Application for admission for new freshmen

To apply for admission:

1.  Submit a completed application with a nonrefundable $25 application fee. This fee will be waived if: you are a child of an alumnus; you apply before January 15; you apply after a personal campus visit; and/or you apply on-line.

2.  Have your high school send an official transcript of your high school credits to the office of admission.

3.  ACT or SAT test scores are not required for admission. Candidates may submit standardized test results for the purpose of an admission decision if they desire but it is not required. However, eligibility for some scholarships and course placements require the submission of a standardized test score. Students interested in submitting ACT or SAT test scores may send them to the office of admission if the test results are not posted on your transcript. 

Note:  For students enrolled in college or Advanced Placement courses, an official transcript from the college(s) attended and/or the College Board (for AP courses) should be sent to the admission office.