Policies International Programs Committee International Programs Committee

Faculty members of the International Programs Committee must have completed at least one year of advising at Central College. Faculty self-nominating or accepting nominations for the International Programs Committee will submit a statement explaining their interest in serving Central College Abroad, describing advising experience, and describing their international experience or interest in gaining international experience. This statement will accompany their names on the faculty ballot.

6 faculty members (at least 3 tenured), each of whom represent one or more study abroad program, Associate Dean of Global Education (ex-officio), Director of Study Abroad (ex-officio); 2 students

     A.  Serve as a resource to faculty advisors in advising Central students regarding their academic courses abroad

     B.  Collaborate with the Associate Dean on issues related to international program development, strategic planning, assessment, and curriculum

     C.  Facilitate faculty off-campus development opportunities, including soliciting and reviewing applications for international faculty development workshops and teaching opportunities, then making recommendations to the Associate Dean

     D.  Solicit and facilitate faculty-led off-campus programs and make recommendations to the Associate Dean

     E.  Serve as a resource for program directors regarding curriculum changes, program updates and individual student concerns

     F.  Oversee planning and execution of pre-departure and re-entry programs

     G.  Serve as a resource for and advocate to departments and the wider campus