5.3 Advisory councils

5.3 Advisory councils

An advisory council is a short-term group which provides a program director feedback on programmatic matters and serves as a conduit for faculty input in academic programs.

   A.  The program director should convene the advisory council at least once per semester, but may convene the group more frequently. Additionally, the advisory council may call for a meeting with the program director if there is a need to communicate programmatic concerns of the faculty to the program director.

   B.  Advisory council members are chosen by the program director and serve one year terms. Advisory councils should not exceed five (5) members. Program directors should select members with interest in the program and members which represent a wide range of academic disciplines.

   C.  Advisory council members should not serve more than two (2) consecutive terms, but could serve additional terms after rotating off of the Committee for one (1) academic year. Advisory council members should not serve on more than two (2) advisory councils at any given time.

   D.  The Office of Academic Affairs will maintain a list of advisory councils to ensure transparency.