II. Evaluation Criteria: B. Criteria for Promotion to Professor

II. Evaluation Criteria: B. Criteria for Promotion to Professor

Only the criteria relevant to a candidate’s actual performance, as described below, are acceptable in evaluating a candidate for promotion and tenure. Among those criteria which are not relevant and/or acceptable in the promotion or tenure evaluation are sex, race, color, creed, age, national or ethnic origins, sexual orientation, disability, lifestyle, family structure, and political affiliations.

B. Criteria for Promotion to Professor

Promotion to the rank of Professor is an honor bestowed upon faculty members which recognizes their continued and deepening contribution to the life of Central College. While it is anticipated that most tenured members of the faculty will eventually reach professorial rank, such a promotion is seen not as automatic but as a meaningful recognition of achievement and performance. In keeping with the liberal arts mission of the College and the maintenance of a community of scholars, candidates for promotion are expected to have distinguished themselves in teaching, to have sustained a program of research or other forms of professional growth, and to have rendered service and leadership to the College community.

A candidate for promotion to Professor should demonstrate a pattern of achievement over time in each of the three areas, with strong contributions in at least two areas. The judgment of what constitutes “strong contribution” is in the hands of the Faculty Personnel Committee and the Administration.


The following lists provide examples of how the criteria for promotion to the rank of full professor might be met, in each of the three standard areas of evaluation. The examples are not exhaustive; nor are the categories all of equal weight. They try to take account of diversity among and within the disciplines. They represent not just a continuation of the standards appropriate for promotion to lower ranks, but also a qualitative deepening of the candidate’s contribution to the life of the college.

Teaching and Curricular Development

Professional Growth and Development

Institutional Service and Leadership