Each instructor of record is responsible for course grades. The basis for course grades should be periodically reviewed within each department and clearly outlined to students early in each course.

To ensure the proper academic progress of our students, faculty will submit midterm grades to the Registrar via WebAdvisor (http://webadvisor.central.edu) for the following student groups each semester by the deadline established by the registrar’s office: (1) all first year students, (2) all transfer students in their first academic year at Central, (3) all students with a cumulative GPA less than 2.0. Submission of grades for ALL students is very strongly encouraged since these grades are strong predictors of success and retention and assist class deans and academic advisors in directing students to appropriate resources.

A final grade must be reported to the Registrar via WebAdvisor (http://webadvisor.central.edu) for each student on the final class list, within the time period specified by the Registrar. Any change in a grade submitted to the Registrar must be initiated by the faculty member who reported the grade and should be based on a discovered error, rather than a shift in feeling. Prudent practice suggests that the faculty member keep a record of all grades from which the final grade is derived, and preserve that record for a year or more after the course ends.

For policies on giving incomplete, withdrawn, or pass/no record grades, consult with the Registrar.

Instructors will have ten class days, from the date on which grades are posted by the Registrar, to request grade changes. In cases where faculty are unavailable and cannot be reached, an extension of the deadline may be made. In cases of fraud, there will be no limitations or restrictions on grade changes. A grade obtained as a result of fraudulent work may be changed at any time following documentation of the fraud in question.