Protection of Minors and Dependent Adults

Protection of Minors and Dependent Adults

Table of contents

I. Purpose and Consequences of Non-Compliance

II. Definitions

III. Reporting Requirements

A. Employee’s Obligation to Report Suspected Child Abuse. 

B. Employee’s Obligation to Report Suspected Dependent Adult Abuse. 

IV. Policies for College-Sponsored Youth Programs

A.  Program Requirements. 

B.    Guidelines For Working With Minors In Youth Programs.

V. Third Parties Sponsoring Events at Central College Facilities

VI. Policies Applicable to Minors on Campus While Not Participating in a College-Related Activity

VII. Policies Applicable to Prospective Students

A. Prospective Students. 

B. Enrolled Student Hosts. 

VIII. Policies Applicable to Enrolled Students

This Policy is intended to fully comply with state and federal law and any related guidance, and will be interpreted and applied by the College accordingly. The policy statements contained herein are in lieu of and supersede any contrary or conflicting policy/process/provision contained in Central’s Student or Employee Policy documents.

Updated September 9, 2015.