Central’s dual degree engineering program leads to a B.A. from Central and a B.S. in engineering from either The University of Iowa or Iowa State University. Students obtain a strong liberal-arts education. A broad background in the liberal arts, as well as our emphasis on communication skills, helps students to establish themselves as thoughtful, creative, productive engineers. The transition from high school to a demanding course of study such as engineering can be difficult. Students are helped by small classes taught by extremely well-qualified, experienced teachers committed primarily to their teaching.

Typically, a student enrolls at Central College and chooses a science major closely allied with an engineering field of interest (usually physics, chemistry, mathematics or computer science). After three years of full-time study at Central (with at least 90 semester hours of credit completed, including all Core requirements and all major requirements), the student leaves Central and enrolls at either The University of Iowa or Iowa State University. Upon completion of one year of engineering study at The University of Iowa or Iowa State University, appropriate credits are transferred back to Central, enabling the student to graduate with a B.A. degree from Central. The student will then earn a B.S. in engineering from the cooperating institution after an additional one to two years of engineering study.  Students pursuing Central’s B.S. in Engineering program are not eligible to participate in the dual degree engineering program.

Prior to the start of the first semester of classes in the first year at Central, interested students must formally declare to Central’s pre-engineering program director their intent to participate in order to graduate in the time frame mentioned above. They must also complete specific courses at specific points in their academic programs to remain eligible for continued participation. Careful consultation with the appropriate faculty advisors makes this cooperative program successful.

This dual degree program also enables students to complete a full four years of study and the B.A. degree at Central. Students opting to do so may then take advantage of their advanced standing toward the fulfillment of B.S. in Engineering requirements at any of the cooperating institutions. Students pursuing this option must declare their intent prior to the start of their second year at Central