On-Call and Call-in Pay for Non-exempt Employees

On-Call and Call-in Pay for Non-exempt Employees

Certain positions require non-exempt employees to be on-call or in a rotation to respond to situations on campus during unscheduled hours of work. The on-call employees are free to go about their regular activities in the community, provided that they can respond to a page or call in a timely fashion.

The structure and appropriate response time for being on-call is determined departmentally. Supervisors will provide on-call procedures to affected employees.

If an on-call employee returns to campus during off duty hours, or responds to a campus situation via telephone or internet, he/she will be paid at the regular rate unless the hours worked are over 40 for the work week in which case the employee will be paid at the overtime rate for those hours over 40. Work week is defined as from Sunday at 12:01 am to Saturday at 11:59 pm.

This includes situations of inclement weather.