Post-baccalaureate Students

There are times when individuals with a bachelor’s degree, either Central alumni or graduates of other institutions, may wish to attend Central to pursue additional educational opportunities. There are three identified reasons to do this:

1.  To complete an additional major to gain information relevant to their desired career path. In this case, the post-baccalaureate student:

2.  To pursue additional endorsement or licensure, especially educational licensure. In this case, the post-baccalaureate student:

 3.  To utilize additional season(s) of athletic eligibility. 

Financial Aid:  A student with a bachelor’s degree will not be eligible for further federal or state aid. Please contact the financial aid office for individual information related to cost.

The registrar’s office will work with students in the registration process to ensure successful progression in their declared major. For more information, please see the Central College Registrar.