Vacation Leave Benefit

Vacation Leave Benefit

1. Eligibility 

All employees (other than faculty) at .50 FTE or more per year are eligible for paid vacation leave.  Employees who are at less than .50 FTE, temporary employees, and faculty are not eligible for paid vacation leave.  

2.  Vacation schedule

Full-time (with an FTE of 1.00) eligible employees will be given the appropriate amount of paid vacation per the following schedule; employees less than 1.00 FTE, or a 12 month full-time appointment will be prorated. Vacation hours remaining in the employee account will be surrendered at the end of each fiscal year*. 

Years of Service †     Number of vacation hours per fiscal year for full-time employees

Less than one year       Prorated based on employment date

1-4 years                      80 hours/10 days

5-9 years                      100 hours/12.5 days

10-14 years                  120 hours/15 days

15-19 years                  140 hours/17.5 days

20-24 years                  160 hours/20 days

25+ years                     200 hours/25 days

*Fiscal year is defined as July 1 – June 30 for exempt employees. Fiscal year is determined by the way the pay periods fall within the July 1 – June 30 time frame for non-exempt employees

√Years of service are credited at the end of each fiscal year.

†At the discretion of the division Vice President, in consultation with the Director of Human Resources, prior years of related professional service may be used to calculate years of service eligibility for the vacation leave benefit. 

4. General guidelines

5. Absence without pay in lieu of vacation 

6. Time usage during worker’s compensation leave

7. Ending employment